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Personal Page
Keo Detvongsa
Location: Minnesota, USA

(Keo Detvongsa and wife)

My beliefs:  

I believe that life is precious and beautiful and we should value it.

About My Family:

            Saykham and I have been married for fourty five years.  We have two beautiful sons Tutu and Tony.  Tutu is our first son, a loving and hardworking fourty four years old man, owns Santi Restaurant, father of our beautiful three grand children: Karena, Santi and Nana.  Tony is our thirty one year old boy, graduated from University of Minnesota and is working for US bank in Minnesota. 

            It was not because we have been married for more than fourty four  years that Saykham and I are a good match, it is something else...There was something that made us a natural match that has bonded us together as a family for almost half a century.  Things like Saykham is a good cook and I am a good eater.  She is a good saver financially and I am a good spender.   She is a good adviser and I am a good listener socially.  She is quick to get things done and I am a slow starter.  During our good times like weekends or holidays, she likes  to stay home a lot and cook good foods for us, and I like to go out.  She likes singing songs, I like to listen to her sweet voice.  All and all, we are a natural match rather than artificial, especially when she gets angry, I always make things funny...

            One magical thing about us is Saykham and I were born on the same day and in the same month.  I am a few years older than her and we celebrate the same birthday.  What a match! 

My hobby:

            When I have nothing to do, I like watching news, surfing Internet, reading newspapers, watching Karaoke, listing to music, writing Webpage, or making digitial photo...

Our contact:  You could visit our family website at:   www.detvongsa.com


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