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Ian Marvin Personal Page
Location: England

Ian Marvin and his immediate family
Sitting from left to right:
Mr. Marving, first daugther Manivone Khiao aged 33, Manivone's baby Mae (first granddaughter of Mr. Marvin), Mrs. Mannie, Mr. Marvin's wife and beautiful daughter Jessica, 20 years old. Congratuation Mr. Marvin, it is a very family!

Read a beautiful note of  Mr. Ian Marvin:


I was really excited when I was told about the lycee savan site. It's amazing to find pictures of the lycee and see so many names from long ago.

I hope some of you remember me, Ian Marvin, English teacher from 1969-71. Savannakhet was an important time for me and started my connections with Laos and English teaching which have lasted through my life. After Savannakhet I stayed in Laos until 1976 (first Fa Ngum, Phone Hong and then Dong Dok), got married to a Laotian girl, Nang Manh, (Mannie), from Vientiane, and then spent the next 30 years teaching, working for the British Council in Tanzania, Senegal, Malaysia, Hungary and England.

I am now retired and we live near Cambridge in England. We have two daughters. Manivone Khiao aged 33, is married and lives in London with husband Oliver, dog Bessie, and baby Mae, born 24 April, six months old and the new love of our life. Our younger daughter, Jessica, is 20 and still at university studying Biology.

We still go back to Laos regularly to see Mannie's family. Our next visit should be in December and we hope this time to include Savannakhet, my first visit since 1972. No doubt I will notice many changes in our little town.

I will try and attach a photo, taken last month with Manivone and family. It would be nice to hear from anyone who still remembers me so I can see how the years have treated you My address is: nivram.nai@googlemail.com


Ian Marvin

1969, from the right Mr Ian Marvin , Keomoukda, Kim Trang, Pascale Casbi, Lithnarie, and Dr Bernadette

Mr. Ian Marving and Mr. Phosay and their wifes on a trip!

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