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  • Extensive experiences in agribusiness sector in Lao PDR including agribusiness survey, diagnosis of agribusiness companies and counseling for the management and training on entrepreneurship and marketing for agribusiness community as well as managing local enterprise.
  • Knowledge of government policies and decrees pertaining to agriculture sector and extensive contacts with government agencies at central, provincial and district level and with numerous agribusiness communities.  Over 20 years working in development sector in most provinces of Lao PDR and extensive knowledge of the local socio-economic conditions and potentials;
  • Work experiences with many INGOs including UNDP, ITC/UNCTAD, UNICEF, IFAD, AFD, UNCDF, FAO, Handicap International, The Quaker Services, The Mennonites.
  • Four years experiences in international trade/marketing; served as Senior Sales Regional Manager for South-East Asia Region in-charge for office based in Bangkok for GlobeCast Asia Company/France Telecom delivering services main accounts including: Shin Satellite (Thailand), Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT), Thai TV Pool, Indonesian RCTI, Satelindo, Telekom Malaysia, Singapore Media Corp., Vietnam Advertising Co., Philippine GMA Networks, ST-Microelectronics,.ESPN Star, ST-Microelectronics. Participated in international conventions and conferences in Hongkong, Miami, Las Vegas, Monaco, Singapore.

Name:                                     Lam Ngeunh Phakaysone
Office Address:                        National Agriculture Forestry Extension Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Residence:                              Ban Chomcheng, Sisatthanak district, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
E-Mail:                                     lphakaysone@gmail.com
Phone:                                     +856.20.2211662; +856.21.313383
Nationality:                               Lao
Languages:                             Lao, Thai, English, French, German
Countries with work experiences: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Hongkong, Australia, United Kingdom, France, USA and Israel.


Since June 2008: Smallholder Development Project, ADB Loan 1949-LAO (SF), National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Vientiane, Lao PDR.

Main project features: Promotion of agriculture commodity production and marketing;
Position held: Project Management Specialist;

                                                Duties included:

  • Day-to-day project management;
  • Strengthening of farmer production groups;
  • Facilitate access to bank credit  and market information for farmers;
  • Identify agribusiness and convene agribusiness workshops and conferences;
  • Provide assistance to agribusiness enterprise;
  • Promote linkage farmers-agribusiness and Contract Farming;
  • Facilitate smallholder farmers and agribusiness’s access to bank credits;
  • Promote investment in agriculture sector;
  • Assist in development of concept for management of primary markets built by the project;
  • Help initiate policy dialog on domestic and border trade.

Year 2009-10:                 
Identify and provide management counseling to selected SMEs, International Trade Center/UNDTAC, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vientiane Lao PDR.
Main project features: Diagnosis of 5 SMEs and provide business counseling to management;
Position held: Team Leader;
Duties included:

  • Visit targeted SMEs including Pakxong Tea Products company, Pakxong Development Import-Export Co., Boloven Travel Co., Champassack Logistics Co., Souphavady Handicraft Co., Chinda Handicraft Co. and Attapeu Wood Handicraft Co. and conduct interviews and collection of secondary data;
  • Conduct management diagnostic exercise using Enterprise management and Diagnostic Tool “SNAPSHOT” (a software package developed by ITC);
  • Diagnose financial management practices of relevant SME;
  • Assist in “Strategy Design” of the SME using Strategy Design and Management Tool COMPASS (a software package developed by ITC);
  • Prepare final report of recommendations for the management of the SMEs;

Year 2008:  Study on Response to High Food Prices in Developing Countries (Case of Lao PDR); supported by FAO (Lao Office)
Main project features: Study alternatives for response to high food prices in Lao PDR and propose action plan
Position held: Local consultant
Duties included:

  • Studies of documents related to agriculture production/statistics/and trade;
  • Data analysis and consolidation for inputs into main report.

Year 2002-05: Community-Managed Livelihood Improvement Project; a project supported by Japan Fund for Poverty reduction JFPR 9012 LAO piggy-backed to ADB supported Community Managed Irrigation Project, Department of Irrigation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
Main project features: To create sustainable, area-based and community-owned alternative sources of income for and with the targeted poor through increased investment in farm-based production and related activities such as livestock development, improvement of cash crop and diversified farming systems and construction and management of market and storage facilities.

Position held: Social Infrastructure and Community Development Consultant.
Duties included:

  • Assist day-to-day management of project;
  • Supervise implementation of project activities of NGOs (Handicap International, World Vision, The Quaker Service and Lao Community development Association;
  • Financial management;
  • Liaise with ADB Manila;
  • Coordinate works of visiting ADB missions and short-term consultants;
  • Monitoring and reporting to ADB Manila.

Year 1997-2000: GlobeCast Asia Pte. Company based in Singapore and Thailand.
Main project features: GLobeCast Asia Pte. Co. is a subsidiary of France Telecom, offering satellite delivery services including global connectivity to GlobeCast worldwide network, analogue and digital space capacity on major satellites, uplink/downlink and turnaround services, business television services, satellite news gathering and end-to-end satellite service delivery.

Position held: Senior Sales Manager for South-East Asia Region, in charge for Bangkok branch office.
Duties included:

  • Marketing and sales development;
  • Market research;
  • International Broadcasting Conference: ABU Manila, Asia Pacific Telecom Jakarta; Vietnam Broadcasting;
  • Satellite convention/Exhibitions: NAB Las Vegas,  Sportel Monaco, CASBA Singapore, Hongkong, Miami;
  • Develop contacts with suppliers: Asiasat Co., Singtel, Hongkong Telekom, Philcomsat, CCTV.
  • Regular coordination with/ visit to regional office in Singapore, Headquarters in Paris and other branch offices: GlobeCast London, GlobeCast Sydney, GLobeCast L.A, GlobeCast Tokyo.
  • Sales presentation to potential customers; develop customer base including main accounts: Shin Satellite co., Thai TV pool, Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT), Singapore Media Corp., Philippine GMA Network Inc., Indonesian RCTI, Telekom Malaysia, Indosiar, Satelindo, Vietnam Advertising Co., Hewlett Packard Co. etc.

Year 1990-93:  Techno Phatthana Khetphoudoi company (TPKP);
Main project features: TPKP is a local company in the business of production and installation of appropriate technologies (micro hydropower turbines, brick making machines, fibro-cement machines for roofing sheet production, simple water manual and pedal pumps etc.

Position held: Manager Director
Duties included:

  • Business management;
  • Market development;
  • Supervise performance of employees/workers


Year 2007-08:  Rural Livelihood Improvement Programme, Attapeu Province, Lao PDR supported by International Fund for Development (IFAD).

Main project features: Rural infrastructure and livelihood development of the 3 poorest districts of Attapeu province;

 Position held: Senior Marketing Advisor
Duties included:

  • Conduct survey of local economic potential, community skills and local products and SMEs;
  • Provide Entrepreneurship Development and New Business Creation trainings for local staff, entrepreneurs and handicraft skills for village communities;
  • Develop income generation projects including agro-processing development;
  • Provide business counseling to SMEs; participation in National Trade Exhibition;
  • Provide assistance to construction of community markets;
  • Provide technical assistance to provincial department of industry and commerce.

January to April 2008: Social Impact Assessment of Hydro Electric Power Project.
Main project features: Conduct social impact assessment of proposed Hydro Electric Power Project on Mekong River in Champassack province by   Australian APW company under contract with Malaysian Mega First Corporation Berhad;

Position held: Team leader

  • Conduct socio-economic survey of communities prone to be impacted by the construction of the hydropower scheme in the area of Khong district of Champassack province;
  • Analysis of data and preparation of Socio Economic Survey Report and Social Action Plan Report.

June 2007 to Dec 2007:  Integration of Ethnic Minority Concerns in Poverty Reduction Strategies, Programmes and Monitoring; an institutional strengthening program of Lao Front for National Construction through an Institutional Development Grant of World Bank (Lao Office).
Main project features: To develop institutional capacity of Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) at national, provincial and local level primarily to monitor and evaluate the impacts on ethnic minorities of GoL policies.

  Position held: National Consultant
Duties included:

  • Review documents, studies and policies pertaining to Lao Front for National Construction and related secondary information;
  • Assess capacity of LFNC at national, provincial and local levels;
  • Prepare summary report of findings and facilitate a workshop on future role and vision of LFNC.
  • Assist in development of Action Plan and define external assistance required for implementation of the grant.

June 2007 to Dec 2007:          Direction de La Maison du Patrimoine (MdP), Luang Prabang, Lao PDR; project for the valorization of World Heritage Luang Prabang financed by Agence Francaise pour le Developpement (AFD).
Main project features: To preserve and protect and valorize World Heritage Town of Luang Prabang.

  Position held: Director of Administration and Finance p.i.

  • World Heritage City Programme management;;
  • Supervision of implementation of heritage-related projects (renovation of outstanding heritage buildings, temples, road and drainage systems), preservation of heritage sites, preparation of 10th Anniversary of inscription of Luang Prabang as World Heritage City, dissemination of heritage information, promote people’s awareness on heritage preservation;
  • Financial management and reporting to AFD;
  • Supervise works of local contractors and foreign consultants;
  • Coordination with donors (AFD, ADUC France)

FROM                                     : June 2008 to present
EMPLOYER                            : Lao Consulting Group/Smallholder Development Project, ADB Loan-1949 LAO (SF);
POSITION HELD                    : Project Management Specialist;

FROM                                     : February 2007 to March 2008;
EMPLOYER                            : Rural Livelihood Improvement Programme Attapeu Province / IFAD;
POSITION HELD                    : Senior Regional Marketing Advisor

FROM                                     : December 2007 to February 2008
EMPLOYER                            : Mega First Corporation Inc./APW Co.;
POSITION HELD                    : Social Survey Consultant

FROM                                     : December 2006 to January 2007
EMPLOYER                            : Oxfam Australia
POSITION HELD                    : National Consultant for Formulation of Disaster Management Project
FROM                                     : October 2006 to December 2006;
EMPLOYER                            : Lao Front for National Construction;
POSITION HELD                    : National Consultant for LFNC capacity assessment and Action Plan Development;

FROM                                     : July 2006 to September 2006
EMPLOYER                            : UNDP Lao
POSITION HELD                    : Sekong Province Governance and Public Administration Reform (GPAR) Project Formulation Consultant

FROM                                     : October 2005 to June 2006
EMPLOYER                            : ATM Consultants Company
POSITION HELD                    : Managing Director/Director of Administration and Finance/Chief of Projects of La Maison du Patrimoine, Luang Prabang/AFD

FROM                                     : June 2002 to July 2005
EMPLOYER                            : Asian Development Bank/NAFES/Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
POSITION HELD                    : Social Infrastructure and Community Development Consultant for Community-Managed Livelihood Improvement Project/ JFPR Lao 9012/Community-Managed Irrigation Project.

FROM                                     : March 2002 to April 2002
EMPLOYER                            : UNDCP (LAO)
POSITION HELD                    : National Consultant/Paklay-Kenthao Road Construction Project Evaluation

FROM                                     : January 2002 to February 2002
EMPLOYER                            : Lanexang Forest Resources Development Co. Ltd.
POSITION HELD                    : Survey of sawmills and hotels in Khammouan province;

FROM                                     : 1997 to 2001
EMPLOYER                            : GlobeCast Asia Pte. Company/France Telecom
POSITION HELD                    : Senior Regional Sales Manager for South-East Asia Region in charge of Bangkok Branch.

FROM                                     : December 1994 to February 1995
EMPLOYER                            : LAO/CANADA Fund
POSITION HELD                    : National Consultant/Microhydropower project design and implementation

FROM                                     : May 1994 to July 1994
EMPLOYER                            : UNDP LAO
POSITION HELD                    : National Consultant/Village-based Agro-processing Project Formulation


FROM                                     : March 1994 to April 1994
EMPLOYER                            : Eco Lao Consulting Co.
POSITION HELD                    : Hydropower Socio-economic consultant for Nam Theun I and Senamnoy/Sepian projects;

FROM                                     : January 1994 to February 1994
EMPLOYER                            : European Union/Micro-projects Luang Prabang
POSITION HELD                    : National Consultant/Ban Kok Van Micro-hydropower Feasibility Study;

FROM                                     : 1990-1993
EMPLOYER                            : Techno Phatthana Khetphoudoi Co.
POSITION HELD                    : Managing Director;

FROM                                     : 1983 to 1989
EMPLOYER                            : Ministry of Science and Technology
POSITION HELD                    : Chief of New and Renewable Energy Section;


  • MONTEREY INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (MIIS), Monterey, CA., USA; MBA in International Management, May 1997.
  • UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY (UNU), Amman, Jordan; Certificate, International Leadership Academy (ILA), July 1997.
  • UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY (UNU), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, India; Certificate; Post-Graduate Study on New and Renewable Energy Systems, 1991. (9 Months Programme)
  • TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAET DRESDEN, Dresden, Germany; Diplom Physiker, Metal and X-Ray Physics, 1978-1983.
  • UNIVERSITE PAUL-SABATIER, Toulouse, France; DEUG A1 (Second Academic year 1975-1977).

TRAININGS undertaken:

  • Training on “Agriculture Sector Value Chain Analysis and Promotion”; Mekong Institute, Thailand, September 2010;  Certificate;
  • Training on “Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) Technologies”, Natural Resources Management and Climate Change Research Center, Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos, June 2010; Certificate;
  • Training on “Supply Chain Management and Value Addition for Organic Products”, International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD and Department of Production and Trade Promotion/MOIC, March 2009.
  • E-Learning Course on Export Development and Diversification, World Bank Institute (WBI), Washington D.C., USA, December 2008; Certificate.
  • Training on SME Finance, International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD (Geneva), Ministry of Commerce, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vientiane, Lao PDR; April 2008;
  • Training on “Improving Food Safety and Quality Management”, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), SMEPDO/MOIC, Department of Food and Drug/MoH, Vientiane, Lao PDR, July 2007;
  • Training on “Designing and refining enterprise strategy for competitiveness” International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD  for Business Advisors and Counselors, Ministry of Commerce, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vientiane, Lao PDR, October 2007; certificate;
  • Training on “Diagnosis of enterprise” for Business Advisors and Counselors”, International Trade Center (ITC)/UNCTAD, Ministry of Commerce, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vientiane, Lao PDR; July 2007;
  • Training on “Supply Survey Methodology”, ITC/UNCTAD and Department of Production and Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Saravane province, Lao PDR, April 2007.
  • Training on “Enterprise Law and Arbitration”, INTRACEN/UNCTAD, Economic Research Institute and Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Vientiane, Lao PDR, March 2007.
  • Forum on “Lao Handicraft in Today’s Market”, Vientiane, November 2007.
  • Training on “Consumer Protection in the Market Economy”, Asia Trust Fund/ITC/UNCTAD (Geneva), Economic Research Institute and Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Vientiane, Lao PDR, February 2007.
  • Training on “Market Access”, Asia Trust Fund/ITC/UNCTAD (Geneva), Economic Research Institute and Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Vientiane, Lao PDR, November 2006.
  • Training on “Market Research”, Asia Trust Fund/ITC/UNCTAD (Geneva), Economic Research Institute and Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Vientiane, Lao PDR, September 2006.
  • Training on “Satellite Delivery Service for Data and Video Transmission”; France Telecom; Paris, November 1997.
  • Training on “Small Hydropower Development”, Lao-American Anti-narcotics Project; New Zealand, 1995;
  • National Seminar on Sustainable Tourism Development in Lao PDR, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific/World Tourism Organization/National Tourism Authority of Lao PDR, March 2002;
  • Training on “Ziel Orientierte Projekt Planung (ZOPP)”, Ministry of Public Health / GTZ (German Technische Zusammenarbeit), Vientiane, Lao PDR; June 1994; Certificate;
  • Training on “Renewable Energy for Rural Development”, GLOBAL ENERGY CENTRE, New Delhi, India; February 1989; Certificate.
  • Training on “Wood-based Energy Production” DOMAENVERKET, Stockholm, Sweden; September 1985; Certificate.

TRAININGS facilitated:

  • Training on “Agriculture Business Plan Development”, Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development Center/Min. of Education, Vientiane October, 2008.
  • The Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), Training on “Bamboo Market Research”, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR, October 2008.
  • Training on “Communications and Moderation”, UNCDF ECO-DEVELOPMENT IRRIGATION Project, Udomxay, Lao PDR; February 2002;


GIS Design: Arcview;
Word processing: Microsoft Office
Business Software: Shnapshot, Compass.


  • Malaysian Mega First Corporation Berhad/Australian APW Co., Social Action Programme for proposed Don Sahong Hydropower Project on Mekhong River, Champassack province (Author);
  • ITC/UNCTAD, Diagnosis and Management Counseling to Pakxong Tea Products Company, Champassack province (co-authored);
  • ITC/UNCTAD, Diagnosis and management Counseling to Pakxong Development Import-Export company (dealing with production and export of vegetables under Contract Farming with Thailand under ACMECS, Champassack province (co-authored);
  • ITC/UNCTAD, Diagnosis and Management Counseling to Saysettha Handicraft Company Attapeu province (Author);
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California, Business Plan for Monterey Fish Company Inc., summer 1996 (co-author).
  • UNDP Project (Lao/93/002), Village-based Agro-processing and Marketing (Author);
  • Oxfam Australia, Disaster Management Project formulation (co-authored);
  • UNDCF, Paklay-Kenthao Road Rehabilitation Project Final Evaluation (co-authored);
  • European Union, Micro-Project, Luang Prabang, Feasibility Study and Design of Ban Kok Van micro hydropower station, Luang Prabang Province (Author);
  • Centro Internationale Di Cultura Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Popoli, Italy, Environmentally sound Energy Technologies for Developing Countries, Rome, Italy (Author);
  • Smallholder Development Project, ADB Loan-1949 LAO (SF), 8 Quarterly Progress Reports (Author).
  • Canada Development Fund, Feasibility Study of Micro-hydropower Project in Phalavek, Hom district, Vientiane province (Author).


  • Certified Enterprise Management and Development Expert by Geneva-based ITC/UNCTAD; member of Lao Business Counselor Network (under Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry);
  • Member of Lao Renewable Energy Association under Prime Minister’s Office.


  • Awarded “Enterprise Management Development Expert” by Geneva-based International Trade Center/UNCTAD;
  • Awarded “Fulbright Scholar” by Institute of International Education (IIE), USA, 1996;
  • Awarded scholarship for “International Leadership Program”, Amman, Jordan, by United Nations University, 1997;
  • Awarded Co-First Prize Winner shared with one professor from University of Salta, Argentina in the “Liguria” International Technology for Development Competition, Genoa, Italy organized by Centro Internationale Di Cultura Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Popoli, with the contribution of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNDP New York, 1993;
  • Awarded scholarship for “New and renewable Energy Systems Post-graduate Study” in India Institute of Technology (IIT) DELHI, India by United Nations University, 1991;
  • Awarded “Exemplary Staff”, Ministry of Science and Technology, Lao PDR, 1985;
  • Honored “Best Student Collektiv” Technishe Universitaet Dresden, Germany, 1983.

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