Updated: 01/11/2020

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Former Lyceesavanh Students from Paris, France visited Vientiane, Laos

 Our former Lyceesavanh students and classmates Houangkeo, Linh and Thin from Paris, France visited Vientiane, Laos lately. They stopped by and payed an emotional respect and visit to Mr. Sisouvanh Sangbouabolom's home and family in VT, Laos.  As all of us knew that Mr. Sisouvanh Sangbouaboulom, one of our co-founder of Lyceesavanh website in Laos, and our late and lovely former Lyceesavanh friend and classmate to many of us worldwide had passed away a month ago in VT, Laos.

Mr. Sisouvanh Sangbouaboulom is not with us anymore, but his great memory and unforgettable history are still with us.

As the main Lyceesavanh Webmaster, I would like to salut to all three of you, Houangkeo, Linh and Thin for your stopping by and paying respect to our late friend Sisouvanh Sangbouaboulom.  Enjoy your trip home and I will try to cross path with you guys sometime in the future.

To our late friend Mr. Sisouvanh Sangbouaboulom.  When you were alive, you were a good man, you were a good friend to all of us. You will be missed forever.

May your beautiful soul rest peacefully in Heaven.  May our Lord Buddha bless your family!

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